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News > What are the stage lighting configuration?

   Stage lighting is an important part of performance space. According to the lighting design of the plot development to carry out a full range of characters and special scene required visual environment, and have the purpose of the design intent for the visual image of the reconstructed to the audience's art creation. Considering the characters and plot the space shape should be comprehensive, systematic, rigorous follow other rules, make good use of means.
     For the use of lighting, can be said that the relatively high degree of specialization. Particular requirements for high performance applications in modeling, lighting and the reasonable use of programs directly related to the quality, so the performance design and selection of lighting is very important. However, due to the use of light on many occasions more random, and most people have no idea of what is a high quality lighting effects, which makes many users and professional designers pay more attention to the lighting system is obviously not enough, usually as long as the installation of some five color six color lights on the line, no matter what other, but it does not matter what types of lamps, so will cause a: lighting system spent a lot of money, but the function of a single light, narrow application scope, not unique phenomenon. Visible light problem should cause enough attention, here is some commonly used lighting equipment simply introduce.
     One, the stage lights, according to the position of stage lighting in the stage can be divided into: surface light, ear light, side light, backlight, feet light, astigmatism lights and sky lights; according to the projection light can be divided into: lamp, floodlight. These lamps is playing an irreplaceable role in the traditional stage performance, despite the modern professional lighting very rapid development, but the traditional lamps in contrast the stage atmosphere, enhance the appeal of acting and modeling and background color, shading and other lamps can not reach, so the traditional stage lighting and control equipment in technical development. On the spotlight, and divided into light, lens spotlight and light up, the concrete used in the project, in accordance with the general stage size, layout and the light projection distance is divided into: Par36, Par46, Par56, Par64, 1000W light, 2500W light and other specifications, which is consistent with the characteristics: strong directivity, far range, can display the outline and limits of the illuminated objects clearly. Usually used for: surface light, light, ear light, side light and the rain dance floor lamp; for floodlight, concrete used in the project, divided into 500W, 750W, 1000W and other specifications, they all have a uniform light, projection area is large, light and soft characteristics. Usually used for: the sky, act to large lighting occasions. If the product brand, general engineering, the use of domestic some quality products should meet the requirements, for example: Guangzhou Ever Famous lighting; if it is high-grade project, also can choose the brand famous abroad, but the price more expensive.
    Two, the computer lights, with the rapid development of computer technology, the "computer lamp" this noun in less than ten years will soon be familiar, but also become a new kind of computer lamp lighting independent of traditional lamps. By virtue of strong function of computer control technology, many changes in light color computer lamp, lights, lighting scope and rich patterns, give a person find everything fresh and new feeling, many previously required a lot of traditional lamps can achieve the effect, or simply can not achieve the effect of computer lights, finish up very easily, and the operation is more convenient. Further classification of computer lights, can be divided into: ordinary computer and computer lamp effect light. The difference between ordinary computer lamp and the computer lights is: ordinary computer light function, accurate, power headlamps of pure color, can assist the part of the stage lighting performance, characteristics of computer lights is: many kinds of patterns, simple control, especially has a good role in contrast to the stage or site effect. Further, in the use of computer lamp bulbs are also different, according to the lighting, power, lighting materials structure is divided into: CSI type, MSD type, MSR type, HMI type, HMI type, wherein, the brightness of the lamp high, light color pure, but the price is high, and easy to be wrong operation effect damage; in the power of computer lamp is divided; 150W, 200W, 250W, 300W, 400W, 575W, 1200W and other products. With respect to the brand character, computer lamp manufacturer is very much, but the quality is quite stable. Three, lighting control equipment, in the earlier lighting equipment, lighting control equipment mainly refers to the switch and the regulating stage lighting using rheostat, reactance transformer and light control, technology is relatively backward, large volume, the operation is not very convenient, often need to complete the work of several people to. With the development of semiconductor technology and electronic integration technology, lighting control equipment has made breakthrough progress in the technology, function is perfect, the operation is very simple, the volume is smaller. Lighting control equipment at present, from the type is divided into: control desk, analog dimming Taiwan, computer desk dimming, computer lamp dedicated digital dimming Taiwan etc.; see from the way can control the light, modern lighting console has developed into hundreds or even thousands of controllable optical path; from the functional perspective, has developed into a powerful function: a system of marshalling, qualifying, SPC, control, computer control; and power element from the console part has independent, develop into a different way, different current, the SCR box and switch silicon box volume is small, the equipment division more clearly, control more easily, more simple operation. The product types, the general sound engineering commonly used is convenient operation, small volume, price moderate and light path is not necessarily more special products; while for large gigs, general selection of good working stability, easy operation, high adjusting light path, more perfect function light station. Dimming console is commonly used in engineering and performance in Disco192 (DMX 512 controller), Disco384 (DMX 512 controller), Golden2048 (Peral 2010 DMX CONTROLLER). Four, other lighting equipment, if the main luminaire shall only be used introduced above, for the majority of occasions or to meet the basic requirements, but with people's further demand for entertainment environment and lighting, auxiliary lamps have been used in sound engineering, especially the amusement hall is the need for creating different performance site effect. The lamp is widely used in general engineering include: purple lights, strobe, lighting tube and laser light. Especially the use of laser light, the perception of light and a new understanding, changing effect, its wonderful appearance can give people the feeling of newness, but because of price reasons, many works have missed it. Five, finally, hood, now sound engineering design, in the light can not forget the hood selection. In fact, hood earlier is used on the stage, dancing, singing as a special effects equipment, can be said to be the substitute of dry ice machine. However, with the lighting products more and more application in sound engineering, especially in places of entertainment, people found that: hood jet of smoke is light color, light, very good background material modeling, especially computer light colored effect more need to smoke foil, so now even in song and dance hall every kind of theatrical performances cannot do without tobacco. From the type can be divided into: small are 400W, 800W, 1200W, 1500W series; large 2000W, 3000W stage extractor, variety is very rich. Common brands are: Goldbright.

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